To another chance at life


My Favourite

i love how the sun illuminate above the water

i love how the birds playfully splash water with their feet

i love how a dandelion freely travels with the wind

i love how the wind softly kiss my face

i love how you secretly look at me

i love how you beautifully lower your voice when you talk to me

i love how you protectively stand up for me

how you delicately keep your calm

i love how your gaze lingers when our eye meet

most importantly i love how my heart squeeze to flee its cage to meet yours

Piece by piece

cliche how i seemingly walk home with a piece of it all ditch of water that i tipped toed over and that person who would put him self in the way when the light goes white, those innocent kids squabbling and giggling seemingly carefree of the woes of the world, the heart behind the wheel that stopped and beckoned you go first, and the eyes that looked delicately behind the curtains every morning . It just quench the thirst of longing and you all are the reason the world still seems to go around.

Who she is

A soft petal barricade by sheath of metals clang clang the armor sings as she collects every stroke a medallion you’d think they were as she treasures every remainder of it all and beneath it she shivers, yet she’s a forerunner.

How our being speaks to us

Not all talk are meant to be talked, not are relationships are to be ventured into, some doors sure are not a task to open, some challenges we’re able to overcome without breaking a sweat, retaliations if made we most certainly would win, but its about how the outcome speaks to our being.

Timeless lovers

Beautiful minds wanting to quote their opinion of timelessness are welcome to board the canoe

Colourful as a saffron

Lustrous as a feel of silk on skin

As lofty as a passerine creates its own ripple

As transparent as sapphire in it’s shades of hues

just as a hummingbird flutters its wings humming peace, infinity

As timeless as a treasure